When my friend Wolfgang told me about a potential graphic design project for a lo-fi upstart rooftop farming project in Brooklyn, I was all about it. Two months ago, Wolf's friend Ben Flanner quit his day job and teamed up with movie-producer/green-roof-designer Chris Goode to develop a 6,000 square foot organic vegetable farm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

As they're just getting started and have virtually no budget for branding, they asked me to help come up with a business card and some basic branding materials on the cheap. So, in true DIY style, I designed a rubber stamp for them..

I'm happy with the result, from both a practical and stylistic standpoint. The stamp only cost around $20 to produce, and Ben can use it to print business cards on an as-needed basis, in any quantity and on any virtually any material. For me, it was an interesting design challenge to create an information-rich yet aesthetically appealing card while only using one color, and now I know not to use bold fonts or thick lines for a stamp design, as the ink has a tendency to bleed, causing letterforms and lines to be fatter than they appear in the original design.

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