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I am not Zach Klein, co-founder of Vimeo.

I am Zak Klein who makes films.

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T H E . E L E V A T O R . P I T C H
Role: Writer/ Producer
2 mins 49

The Elevator Pitch gets Staff Pick on Vimeo,
racking up over 77,000 views.

J U S T . T H E . T I P
Coming soon…
Role: Writer/ Director

D E L E T I N G . E M I L Y
Role: Writer/ Director
14 mins 11

T H E . F O L L O W E D
Role: Writer/ Director
12 mins 49

Winner of Best Cinematography at GEFF 2013, Shortlisted for the Van D'or Awards 2013.
The Followed is an atmospheric short film exploring warped mentalities and obsession through a visually arresting and darkly playful narrative. In a support group for women who have been followed, a young dancer describes being pursued by a strange fan who believes she is not all human. Minutes into her testimony she finds he has followed her.

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S H O R T . F I L M S . B Y . Z A K





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