Maîtres de l'Olympe

Multimedia installation for the Musée de la civilisation a Quebec.

Video coming soon! Check this little teaser in the meanwhile:

Here -------------> https://flic.kr/p/njuZPs


Madonna MDNA World Tour - Teaser from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

Moment Factory conceived and produced videos for MDNA tour. In this case I directed the video for Revolver, and worked in the art direction of the Opening sequence, "Girl gone wild", and "I don't give a" songs.

Nine Inch Nails

NIN Festival Tour - Teaser from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

In this project my implication was smaller. I created raw video footage for the interactive team to distort, and I conceived a couple of ideas/illusions that form part of the show.

Ode a la vie

Sagrada Familia (Ode à la vie) - Teaser from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

For this show I was the art-director/designer for 4 scenes and worked close with the director on the storytelling.


Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - Demo from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

Moment factory created a whole multimedia experience in LAX airport. In this project I worked as an art director, and I also directed 5 video pieces that are featured on those medias.

LIGHT at MandalayBay

LIGHT at Mandalay Bay - Moment Factory Demo from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

Moment Factory created a pack of content for Mandalay Bay VJs, and also created exclusive content for the DJs: Axwell, Nicky Romero, Ingrosso, and Skrillex. I was a designer and video director.
Yahoo ART +

Yahoo commissioned a 30" mute video, requesting to start with Yahoo's "!", and finishing with "art+".

Yahoo! ART+ from Gabo Gesualdi on Vimeo.

The sound of silence

StopTB Campaing for World Health Organization from Gabo Gesualdi on Vimeo.


This video is unfinished.. is an exercise and an excuse to experiment a bit with sculpture and projections. Made @ my living room.

Obituaries from Gabo Gesualdi on Vimeo.

Sourire é-motif
IMG for FURIA /Coca Cola /Book: 125 razones...

Realization, direction for Toyota

Toyota Auto Biographies from amautalab on Vimeo.

Art direction @ Lemuria
for Discovery Networks

Yahoo Fantasy Football for iPad

YAHOO! Fantasy Football App from amautalab on Vimeo.

Backstage (by Alo Marina)

Yahoo! Fantasy Football -BACKSTAGE- from Aló Marina on Vimeo.

Video developed with the old team @ Amautalab for NHK / W+K Tokyo Lab

@Fabrica 100% made of paper layers, 0% post-production.

Video made @ Amautalab