Yellow Arrow Film is a decentralized media collaborative with an international grasp, dedicated to pushing the limits of each project. Our specialization ranges from educational and commercial to music video and documentary, always with a focus on creative integrity. Our capacity ranges includes: A professional range of industry standard camera and lighting equipment and a talented crew of directors, producers, editors as well as set designers and costume designers.

Featured Video of the Week: "A New Daylight Soap"
A New Daylight Soap won 2nd place in the 'long narrative' category at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Short Film Festival. This week long production brought most of the YAF crew up to New Haven, CT, where we shot around the Yale University campus, risking black mold in a chemical laboratory and overheating from the costumes, which were all created by Yellow Arrow Film. Another challenge was creating the protagonist's office, which had to be suited for a bird's eye view. It also had a detachable wall. The film was shot on a Panasonic HVX, suped up with a lens adapter and a variety of Canon lenses. The intention of this film had always been to get the attention of Proctor & Gamble, but it hasn't happened... yet.