Issue 1, 6 x 8 inches, Co-founded with Justin Chen, 2013

This biannual publication intents on documenting the ‘et cetera’ within a design challenge: references, initial ideas, working methods—the raw materials. By highlighting process rather than polished outcome, etc. zine focuses on stimulating exchange and discovery.

etc. zine was awarded Best Publication Proposal at the Student Editorial Award 2012, organized by The Big Issue Taiwan.

Exhibition committee: Justin Chen, Yejin Cho, Chris Hamamoto, Wael Morcos, May-Jun 2013

Conceived and executed the spatial experience for the MFA graduate exhibition. Demonstrating the hybrid nature of graphic design, between its artistic expression and commercial function, the exhibition space is set up as a shop-like experience, where the works of 18 graduates are produced in multiples and available for purchase.
The 'show' aspect of the exhibition, displayed in hypothetical space and time, can be viewed at risd.gd

Book / Poster / Exhibition, 42 × 74 inch (poster), 5.5 x 8.5 inch (booklet), Collaborated with Wael Morcos, Workshop with Jon Sueda, Apr 2013

Visiting Designer, Jon Sueda, presented 5 different graphic design exhibition catalogs. Of which we were asked to choose one, research it, and make an exhibition about the exhibition by reflecting our analysis and points of view.

The book that we chose was ‘Forms of Inquiry: The Architecture of Critical Graphic Design’ curated by Zak Kyes and Mark Owens in 2007. They stated their position as “critical” graphic designers presenting ‘parallel intersections of graphic design and architecture’.

We wanted to create discourse around the question: ‘What is critical design and how can that position be presented in a clear and compelling way?’ We titled our exhibition ‘Forms of Inquiry: A Taxonomy of Critical Graphic Design’. As curators, our goal was to try and fill the gap which Zak Kyes and Mark Owens’s exhibition had created and to facilitate an environment of learning about the history of critical graphic design.

Poster, 11 x 40 inches, Self-Initiated Project, Mar 2013

Double-sided Print Manual is a simple manual explaining how to double-sided print using the provided printers in the Graphic Design Graduate studio of the CIT building at the Rhode Island School of Design. In the studio there are two laser printers, one b/w and one color. Since the existing manual is an inconvenient booklet which is difficult to navigate when manually creating double-sided prints, students usually ask other colleagues or do test prints each time in order to figure out the correct orientation for the paper. Because the manual typically functions as an educational tool—depicting the proper procedure step by step—I took this opportunity to design a practical manual that everyone in the studio could utilize and share.

Catalog, 5.5 x 8 inches, Team: Jane Brown, Justin Chen, Mari Iwahara, Tessa Modi / Cover: Colin Frazer, Anther Kiley, Mar 2012

Accompanying the graphic design departmental triennial at Rhode Island School of Design, the catalogue is
the definitive database containing both undergraduate and graduate student works from 2010–2012. The catalog itself was also a part of the exhibition.

The catalogue expands upon the exhibition's curatorial intention: to reveal the complexity of contemporary graphic design practice by presenting diverse works without emphasis on a singular theme. Spreads are composed based on an established guideline, systematically determining image dimension, placement,
as well as typographic treatment.

Visit the website here.

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