Project commissioned to Eroon Kang / Math Practice, 2014

Anyang Public Art Project (APAP), by Anyang Foundation for Culture and Arts, is a bi-annual public art event holds in the city of Anyang, in South Korea. The event introduces diverse works of public arts, from fine art to architecture, cinema, performance, and beyond.

The main gesture is generated from a series of posters, where each contains the exact content, but crucial element is highlighted by scaling. The use of yellow spectrum derived from the different yellows used in the past from previous designers. Rather than defining one single color for the event this year, we decided to use a spectrum of yellow which also shows the characteristic of the event.

Issue 1, 6 x 8 inches, Co-founded with Justin Chen, 2013

This biannual publication intents on documenting the ‘et cetera’ within a design challenge: references, initial ideas, working methods—the raw materials. By highlighting process rather than polished outcome, etc. zine focuses on stimulating exchange and discovery.

etc. encourages the spirit of do-it-yourself—where the reader encounters the zine as a package of loose sheets. By building your own order or content, the zine emphasizes the potential for cross-reference and generating new connection.

etc. zine was awarded Best Publication Proposal at the Student Editorial Award 2012, organized by The Big Issue Taiwan.

Exhibition committee: Justin Chen, Yejin Cho, Chris Hamamoto, Wael Morcos, May-Jun 2013

Shop/Show, the graphic design MFA graduate exhibition, demonstrates the hybrid nature of graphic design, between its artistic expression and commercial function, the exhibition space is set up as a shop-like experience, where the works of 18 graduates are produced in multiples and available for purchase. The 'show' aspect of the exhibition, displayed in hypothetical space and time as a purchasable catalog.

3 Book Series, 5.5 x 6.5 Inch, Self-Initiated Project, Apr 2013

This psychological study of color started with my curiosity regarding how people (especially graphic designers who are supposed to be sensitive to color) might translate color into language and how their written descriptions might then be translated again into color.

For this project I chose three colors from the Sherwin-Williams collection, Synergy, Imagine and Reflection. Each of these names are incredibly ambiguous and open to interpretation in there own way, so I created a different set of instructions for each color and documented the result.

A series of booklets: Final outcome from a class—Visual Culture of Food, Dimension variable,
Under the guidance of Christina Connett, Dec 2011

‘Creative Picnic’ deals with the subject matter of food and art, exploring the development of food-related art historically, artistically, and culturally. Each booklet, dealing with different subjects, from Dutch still life to contemporary food related art, can be placed together for readers to compare and explore.

FOOD (black and white stapled booklet) is a reproduction of Gordon Matta-Clark's exhibition by white columns, New York in 2000.

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