From Latin absentia (“being away, absence”), from absēns (“absent”), present active participle of absum (“I am away or absent”).

Visual studies about abandoned spaces.

This is a 2 screens video-installation.

Inverted stereo.

This work is a continuum about abandoned spaces and it´s re-occupation with a camera lens and audio reenactment of it´s environment. This segment is composed of only still photography with some layers of effects. It was recorded in a gigantic abandoned villa in the woods of the city of Sintra, Portugal.

It´s premises are influenced in Dziga Vertov work, still documentary and sound construction.

This is a 12 screens video-installation.

5.1 audio dispersion.

Sustain a place and divide it to unite.

Continuation of studies about abandon spaces and it´s multiplication in depth and surrounding environment.

Lab 4.0 is a video-installation for 9 screens.

5.1 audio dispersion.

Stereoscopic images create another dimension: immersion, immersion, submersion...

To see the 3D images try this site.
Video-installation for 1 screen.

5.1 audio.

Last project of this series, the Piso_____Instável (Unstable____ Floor) is the reunion of all the previous works mixed together and where the abandoned space is for the first time occupied by the artist. It´s a refrection from the inside for the outside that returns to the inside.

Video-installation for 1 screen

5.1 Audio