About Winter-Hébert

Winter-Hébert is a graphic design studio comprised of a husband and wife team—Nathaniel and Catherine Winter-Hébert. We work in tandem to create fun, innovative works of typographic brilliance, with a focus on identity design, editorial, typography, and all things print related for the arts and culture sector.

We may have differing preferences as far as our aesthetic leanings (Nathaniel loves early grotesques, Catherine loves transitional serifs) but our talents complement one another’s, and our work strikes a harmonious balance between classical typography and modernist principles.

Regardless of our differences, there’s one thing we absolutely agree upon: the importance of integrity in our practice. We believe in clear, open communication, dedication to our projects, and working with our clients to create meaningful design solutions that are both conceptually intelligent, and visually stunning.

So, now that you know all about us, we’d love to hear about you, and how we can work with you to create something incredible!

Contact Us
Quebec, Canada

For new business inquiries :
Nathaniel & Catherine Winter-Hébert: info@winterhebert.com

"Beauty of style, and harmony, and grace, and good rhythm depends on simplicity" - PLATO

A look at our studio's non-linear design process which adds value to the otherwise intangible medium of creativity.

Our capabilities:
Book & magazine
Logo & identity
Brochure & catalogue
Custom Typography

Commissioners we’ve worked for include:
Paradise City USA, The Ghastling Magazine, Facebook, Massimo Dutti, Tiger of Sweden, Bell, Gotstyle, Koodo, Hankook, Samsung, Workopolis, Duke's Cycle, Yahoo! Canada, One Million Bones, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Gift Network, Terry O’Reilly, Roots Canada, Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, #TAXI, Cavalia / Cirque du Soleil

More info about the Winter-Hébert team.

Robin Winter-Hébert

With a discerning eye for detail and high standards of design excellence, Robin has the final say on all Winter-Hébert projects. Detests the colour red.

Puck Winter-Hébert

Plucky young go-getter and burgeoning artist. Her strengths are yet to be determined, but she shows great potential.

Ava the Dove

Our newest recruit, Ava divides her time between fixing tea and making straw nests.

Our new permanent home and studio in Chénéville.
Located on a mountainside and hugged by a pocket of forest, our new studio's an inspiring place to work.