Mr Bean

- Steak Tartare -

Mr. Bean dines in a fancy restaurant, orders steak tartare.

When the cloche is removed to reveal raw steak. Bean is mortified + endeavours to hide the meat in the environment surrounding him.

- Afternoon Tea-

Slices of bread are cut with scissors, butter is spread with a credit card, whose dish is secured with elastic bands.

A live fish is extracted from a jar of water and whacked on the bench.

A lettuce leaf, freshly washed under a nearby water-fountain, is stuffed in to Bean’s recently removed sock and swung around his head to relieve it of moisture.

Peppercorns ground with the heel of Bean’s shoe.

Tea prepared with a hot-water bottle and baby's milk bottle is jettisoned when Bean sneezes.

In collaboration with the wonderful Lisa Jahovich

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Mr. Bean
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