My name is Moses Gunarman and the next 21,567 pixels below are
a selection of some of my works. I’m one brainstorm junkie,
a skeuomorphic addict and an interactive designer who is
currently working in Wunderman Singapore

National Heritage Board Website Revamp


National Heritage Board of Singapore was looking to revamp their outdated website and museums' websites. I was assigned to create the main NHB website.

Main challenge were how to integrate and up-sell all of their museums' websites and also their blogs. The idea is to use featured content wall on the landing page which will show banner from each of those websites. This way, all of their websites sit equally prominent on the main website.

Other nice touch on the website is the background. Singapore has 15 important artifacts and it will be nice to features them on Singapore's main heritage website. So how it works is that at every refresh the wallpaper displays a different artifacts. Clicking on the 'read more' button brings the artifact into the forefront and full-screen, with details for full admiration.

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Pond's Once Upon a Love Story

Digital Campaign

As the pioneer of skin care, Pond's was loosing market share to another, more modern and young brands. To bring Pond's up to speed, we're taking their brand to the future space, that is world wide web.

Based on their brand position which always talk about love and relationship, we got an Idea for a campaign. What if you can get your own personalized love story? Better yet, you can also get the printed version of the story in a form of a book! Once Upon a Love Story is simply about generating personalized love story and exploring others love stories.

The complexity came when we need to create interchangeable story modules and asking user the right questions and which data we could get from their social networks. And combining them into a truly one of a kind story that's different from one another.

Another more social engagement that we added is the World of Love, which allow anybody to share anything about love.

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Inspiratine Ipad App

— Work in progress

As designers, we are always looking for inspirations whether we're brainstorming or just hanging around. This app enables you to do that. With 2 view options to choose from: Clock View, which you could use while docking beside your computer as a beautiful yet inspiring time piece; and Tile View, which enables you to search for specific keywords to be displayed beautifully from preselected sites. From both view you can choose an inspiration to be viewed full screen and from that, send to your email, share to social sites and in the next version, the ability to save within the app.

Inspiratine is Inspiration Machine

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