white hole • n. a hypothetical opposite of a black hole, from which matter and energy emerge.

Welcome to White Hole: a creative studio, providing visual solutions within art, design, illustration and installation.


01/03/13 White Hole sketchbooks
The majority of White Hole's work is drawing based and our sketchbooks underpin everything we do, so we have started to make a habit of showing pages from White Hole sketchbooks old and new on our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages.

01/02/13 John Hughes Collaboration and Screen City
White Hole recently met with John Hughes to catch up and discuss the progress and direction of our collaborative project. We are happy with the way it is progressing and we agreed to produce ten more illustrations before we meet again. See the illustrations as they are produced here on on our blog, Facebook and Twitter. We have also writing a project proposal for the Screen City Festival.

01/01/13 Empty Spaces
We now have three potential locations in Norway to develop pilot schemes and introduce the Empty Spaces project. Each location has individual needs so each pilot will be slightly different and the results will help us to shape the future of the project. We have also been in talks with Screen City Festival for the Moving Image in Stavanger and have agreed to work together in developing Empty Spaces to coincide with their festival in 2013.

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