Bubba Pendant Lamp
"We placed a ball of light beneath this flexible body. it ascended into the soft sphere, gently lifting it up, creating a floating light..."

The challenge: Blowing this huge Object (0.5m diameter!) by hand at Oberglas Bärnbach.
Design: White Elephant (Florian Puschmann, Tobias Kestel, Hermann Trebsche), in Cooperation with Oberglas Bärnbach.
Clear glass Ø 492 mm, H 313 mm – Inner part 1/4 clear, 3/4 sandblasted. 1 x Ø10 mm, 3 x Ø3,5 mm bores. Mounting Suspension handcrafted by White Elephant.

*** A small edition of 12 pieces, seven still available!
Please enquire via email: office(at)white-elephant.at
or call us at: +43 650 4000 420 ***