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Project Art Direction & Design
Illustration Islands Creative Team
Client Islands Souvenirs

Sinulog is an annual festival held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City to honor the Santo Niño, or the child Jesus, who used to be the patron saint of the whole province of Cebu. It is essentially a dance ritual which remembers the Filipino people’s pagan past and their acceptance of Christianity.

Sinulog 2009
There were 3 objectives: Show images of products, capture the spirit of the Sinulog festival, and introduce a degree of brand attitude. A balance had to be reached. Thus, an organized layout matched with overlay images and an earthy color scheme evokes an active ethnic vibe without having to sacrifice any of the necessities to communicate the message.

Saulog sa Sinulog
The theme aims to boom with dynamism and liveliness to its audience, starting with the inclined text and the lively color scheme which were intended to complement the various elements which are popularly associated with the festival and its locality. Then, the burst from the center of the space was designed to avoid awkward “holes” and maintain consistency throughout a range of layout orientations required by the SM Mall Cebu.