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I Heart Cebu
Project Logo Design
Client Islands Souvenirs

Islands Souvenirs, founded in 1992, broke the traditional mold of small, cottage industry type retailers and carved out a new market niche for premium quality souvenirs showcased in vibrant shopping environments. Today, it has expanded into a diverse range of tourist-related services in the areas of retail, adventure, media, and events.

The 'I Heart Cebu' was greatly inspired by acclaimed graphic designer, Milton Glaser’s I Love New York logo. The textures here act as visual magnets to an already stunning color palette. Mainly printed on shirts to promote the island, customers can have their shirts customized with their name instead of the generic ‘I’. This was the campaign in the summer of 2010 that made the rest of the country asking for their own versions as well, quickly spreading to areas such as Manila, Bohol and Boracay.