#5 Utopia or Bust


#1 Auckland, NZ Julian McK

“I think we are asking whether today it is possible to reach a new grand narrative about being, to approach a concrete utopia. I believe that it is.”

Antonio Negri, Metamorphoses: Art and Immaterial Labour

Utopia as a term it is amorphous and open to individual interpretation; the word alone invites the poet to dream and the cynic to scowl. It conjures a swathe of literary reference, ugly modernist architecture, over-ambitious urban design, social and political folly, and naïve idealism. Simultaneously it summarises an alternative reality built on optimism with a positive outlook on the future of humankind. Utopia can encapsulate a highly technological or mechanized society, an unfettered pastoral idyll, a post-industrial Bohemia of flourishing artistry, or any number of other alternatives. Because of its conceptual flexibility, that it’s uncluttered by avarice, elitism, corruption etc, and that it always offers a future alternate reality which is better than the current status quo, Utopianism continues to illuminate the imagination of thinkers across many disciplinary fields.

Julian, on his computer

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#2 Los Angeles, U.S.A Polly McK

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#3 New York City, U.S.A Lisa W

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#4 Berlin, GERMANY ao K

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I was eager to get the package.
For weeks actually
For a week i watched the postman, telling myself that the package would improve my day
One day, pain in my kidneys, a i-don't-give-a-shit day, i saw the mail on the table.
A staggering number of letters, packages, small letters, invoices blahblah and a bubble enveloppe from the « United State Postal Service »
« wow small »
i noticed that Lisa wrote in the « detailed description of contents » : BOX AND PENCIL
i opened the enveloppe,
opened the box,
the pencil was upisde down. I thought the whole thing was starting very badly.
A wrong utopia, it bugged me a lot.
I blew up the bubble wrap.
Nothing perfect, received a « bad day » in a « wrong way »
i sniffed the box and put it on a furniture of the living room.
I got used to the box in my environment.
People told me « it is beautiful »
i said « yes »
« is it yours ? »
« yes, it's mine »

«utopia » is a nasty word

A control freak thing.
I think i'd make a plan for my life.
Until the end.
To plan everything.

This is my utopia.

I also wanted to press the midget-pencil in the eye of someone.
But that is another matter