The objective of WARRIORS Generation Europe is to create a portrait of my generation throughout Europe.
This series of photos presents a dynamic generation that has become accustomed to living in Europe without any borders.

These portraits will be showcased in a traveling exhibition that will journey through 27 European countries.

The WARRIORS will be put on display in urban spaces in each capital.
Each exhibit will also include a convention and a discussion, where people from various cultures and social backgrounds can discuss European culture, society and identity.

This European traveling project is planned as a forum, which is open to people from all age groups and cultural backgrounds.

The WARRIORS Generation Europe event is free and accessible to anyone who is interested.
It will be showcased in 28 exhibits coupled with conventions and discussions in public spaces throughout Europe's capitals.

My generation, people born around 1978, witnessed the fall of one European border after another – an invitation to travel, making it easier to get to know our neighbors.
The blending of the cultures has now become a concrete reality. Now that we can take a comprehensive look at all the countries across Europe, we can see that they are dealing with the same problems and issues as my generation. This brings forth a feeling of a new solidarity that soars above the old cultures and borders.

The Warrior has no specific face, occupation or situation. In fact, he is defined by a certain mindset.

Paul Hossfeld