J&J - Fitness Club (SS11)

The Jack & Jones Fitness Club is a concept dreamed up by &Co that shows the life of a Jack & Jones customer, it might be a tad exaggerated - but still... The campaign includes a commercial that introduces the concept and a online fitness club with a matching VIP Area for our loyal customers.

View the commercial: YouTube


As the project started off I got the responsibility of designing the online fitness club, including the IA, UX and what not. This was the first time working on a project of this scale so it's was a bit overwhelming at first, but I managed to pull through, and as the project went along I also got the responsibility for creating Facebook tabs and an iPhone app for the campaign.

Overall this was a great project that I had a lot of fun with and learned a lot from.


Art Direction, Design, IA & UX


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Relax, we are the good guys (development & animation)
&Co (concept & video)

Link to live site