We are VNDLS!, not recommended designers

ZWEI GLITCH IN DEN PROGRAMME — VNDLS! are Ugo Bosco (right) and Emanuele Luppino (left), 25 years old, born in south Italy and now living in Venice and Milan.
Vndlsm is a steady research and we are always headed for the Great Unknown, looking for a way whose aesthetics explore out-of-the-box territories. A pixel is a unit, two pixels are glitches in the program.

CREATING IDENTITIES — In the last year we've been involved in many new visual identities. From bands like Soviet Soviet and Fjelds, to events like Keep It Secret 2013, our work seems being more and more specialised on the connection between music and its translation into images.

EVENTS — We are often involved in developing visual identities for cultural projects such as festivals or one-nights. Since 2007 we are the curators of Keep It Secret visual identity. KIS is a crew which produces a series of events in the south of the peninsula. In 2010 we became part of its lineup as djs.

Ugo BoscoMail / +39 320 43 41 446 / Portfolio
Emanuele LuppinoMail / +39 347 23 43 898 / Portfolio