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Rogue Rouge
Wind Mill
Computers sometimes have very loud fans that can pierce through recordings in an almost already nostalgic "modern technology" way.
The Big Gray Weight
Written for the Sattelite Collective collective art piece Telephone. Read more.
Safari Crash
– Brother or sister of "The Big Gray Weight".
Mata Hari Guitar Service
With Reflected Light
I get excited about shoveling snow.
Jessica Sligter & Jenny Hval Jessica Sligter Brown vs Brown Ivana Müller Seamus Cater & Viljam...
Working TItles
This tune was conceived in a very small dressing room, temporarily turned into a recording studio, in a theater in Paris while working on a show with Ivana Müller....
The Egg
Finger Spider
Finger Spider didn't have a real name until he made it onto my page here. He was born out of thick, oppressive fog.