various images for hazlitt magazine

the origin of species by johanna skibsrud
"At first, it was just this hazy glow on the horizon, but then it got brighter and took on more of a definite shape. It was almost as if—it’s weird to say it, even now—it was looking for us."

in the woods with a dead dog by michel faber
"It couldn’t happen without effort. Nothing happened without effort, except catastrophe."

living with slenderman by kathleen hale
"Three little girls, an Internet boogeyman, and a stabbing in the woods on a sunny afternoon. Inside the trials of Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier."

the evolution of sarah polley
by soraya roberts
"As an actor, director, writer and producer, she’s often examined women on the verge of reconfiguration. Her latest project, an adaptation of Alias Grace, is one she’s been thinking about for decades."

anatomy of a surrogacy by alison motluk
"They wanted a baby, she wanted to carry it for them—for a fee. It’s a common transaction but illegal in Canada, and the system here leaves both parties vulnerable."

the life of caesar by b. david zarley
"On an undefeated star of a controversial sport."

half pipe by zoe whittall
"Now that strangers have seen me naked, I can move on to worrying about getting into college or my inevitable death."

the girls on shit duty by anna maxymiw
"A weeklong trip filled with deep-fried shore meals does funny things to a man’s insides. When you have to clean up the grisly aftermath, all you can do is laugh."