Family Matters
Poster (70x100 cm) developed for DensityDesign lab course at Politecnico di Milano.
The A.Y.2010 – 2011 course theme is insecurity as a social dimension in different fields.

This project focuses on the visualization of statistical data from official sources (e.g. ISTAT, the Italian National Institute of Statistics) and the creation of a system map which represents actor, relations and flows. The aim of the project is to show the phenomenon and to facilitate policy makers and citizens in making more conscious decisions.

Family and Society

In the last decades the italian families' life has been characterized by radical and deep changes which have modified the contemporary society where to the increase of the family' units corresponds a different structural system. First of all births' decrease and consequently less families with many children, the increase of the number of couples with no children, the more marked choice of the children to live alone or with their life-companion, the scarce tendency to marriages and the rise in the divorce rate are the reasons of such a situation.
To understand the importance of this matter several aspects must be considered: infancy, adolescence, youth, adult and old age have progressively expanded. Compared to the past the experience of the generations today presents very different characteristics as to the role of a child, parent and life-companion or single in the different stages of their existence.
In the last decades the prolonged permanence of the grown-up children inside the family has been favoured by the extension of the education processing and by relationships between the generations more supportive and less hierarchic. More recently you add also the difficulty to find a job or make it stable and to find a house at an affordable price. In the last years the difficulties to reconcile job with family and the requirements of the new life style have brought the couples to squeeze the time dedicated to the family.
The social worry of the families is more evident when you consider that in our Country the welfare model is still based on the availability of the family and in particular of the women to support those in need of help. A situation where the public social services can hardly answer the growing needs of the families with children can condition the mothers very much in their job opportunities or choice to give birth to a child. In this context family policy is weak or absent, to have a family becomes the most significative factor to enter poverty because of the iniquity of the tax treatment, scarce opportunities to reconcile family with job, scarce communication of the social legislation. In Italy those who marry and have children are damaged.

Project by:
Laura Cantadori,
Veronica Clarin,
Giorgio Mozzorecchia
Tommaso Renzini
Benedetta Signaroldi
Shuzhen Xia

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Family Matters
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