I am an art director / designer with a high interested in culture, art and media. With a background in advertising and art direction I understand the power of storytelling and strong concepts. I have a holistic vision on design, to me the only difference between art and design is that design has a purpose to fulfill. As a designer I focus on visual storytelling. No story is the same and how they are told and where they are being told can result in different visual approach, aesthetics or unexpected mediums. I don’t really believe in a particular style or design rules. History is cool, I love trying to make history relevant and bring it back into a contemporary context.

Besides work I enjoy reading books, watching films or documentaries, I love running but most of all I love nice people.
You can reach me by email: info@valeryoverhoff.nl
Or give me a call: +31 (0)6 44 013568


2011 - 2015 Design Academy Eindhoven - Departement Media & Culture (Man&Communication)
2010 - 2011 HKU Art School Utrecht - (Design Illustration)
2003 - 2006 Junior Academie for Advertising & Art Direction


Freelance Designer at Counter Creatives

Internship at Woedend!
Freelance projects (Identity Design, Graphic Design, Illustration)

Internship at Lava Design Agency

2011 - 2014
Freelance projects
Counter Creatives (Identity Design, Graphic Design, Illustration)
NTR/Het Klokhuis
(Art Direction, Concept development)
(visual design, graphic design)

2010 - 2011
Art direction/designer
Live Solutions Event Agency

Internship Boemmm in Communicatie

CAMPAGNE | Iedereen wil naar Zaanstad
Commissioned by counter creatives Creative Director: Barry Menger counter creatives bedacht in opdracht van Marketing Zaanstreek en Stad aan de Zaan de...
PROGRAM/VIDEO - Design Op Tafel
Design Op Tafel My Design Academy Graduation projects are about the insiders vs outsiders perspectives of design and turned out to be a journey that changed ...
VISUAL IDENTITY - Sportbedrijf Zaanstad
Sportbedrijf Zaanstad Commissioned by counter creatives Creative Director: Barry Menger Sports company Sportbedrijf Zaanstad facilitates and promotes sports...
GEENBALOPDETV - Promoting Cultural Events
GEENBALOPTV is my personal project where I post small upcoming culural events around Amsterdam. Curated by cultural relavance and budget (costs no more than 10...
Commissioned by counter creatives Creative Director: Barry Menger Visual Identity for Saens Fietsen an initiative for cycling for charity. Local initiatives...
VISUALS | Typographic shoe fascination
Typographic experiment originated from my love of my personal collection of shoes
An app prototype about what could be the secret of long-lasting relationships. I let people who had been together for a long time fill in a survey I created to find...
WEBDESIGN | 10forIT website
Re-styling logo for 10forIT and website design for the renewed website. Commissioned by counter creatives Creative Director: Barry Menger
ART DIRECTION - Klokhuis zoekt ontwerpers
The Dutch educational tv show for kids Het Klokhuis asked for collaboration of Man & Communication for their visual communications and art direction. They started...
Logo design for CG Selecties Commissioned by counter creatives Creative Director: Barry Menger
EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATION - Beatrix's abdication
Editorial text and image Sometimes you can literally add something personal within your design. For this editorial design I made a portrait of Beatrix using my...
Wedding Card for Martha & Johan
WEBDESIGN | Visma Buzzword Campagne
Campagne Website for Visma Commissioned by counter creatives Creative Director: Barry Menger
VISUAL IDENTITY | JohanD Productions
Visual identity for DJ/camera work and rental of sound and lights JohanD Productions
VISUAL IDENTITY - Counter Creatives
counter creatives is an agency that was founded in 2009, together with founder Barry Menger I developed the visual identity for counter creatives . counter...
JvT International Style Posters
Ongoing process with in colleboration with Jaap Knevel grown from our mutual love for international typographic posters and music of the Dutch hip hop group "De...
VISUAL STORYTELLING - a daily object
Challenge to make a goddamn interesting poster from a [boring] daily object. It was an experimentation of regular object with even more regular objects on top*....
LOGO | Reflectieweekend
Identity for Reflectieweekend
ILLUSTRATION | Scanmar website
Several illustrations for the website of Scanmar Commissioned by counter creatives Creative Director: Barry Menger
This project is the result of a design research about Future cities and community. Research Question: How can digital media aid in strengthening a sense of...
APP CONCEPT - Design Op Tafel
APP CONCEPT/Design Op Tafel (Iphone App Concept) Design Op Tafel is an app where you can like or dislike design objects and find out which design movement or...
VISUAL IDENTITY - Marja bindervoet
Business cards for a sewing studio of Marja Bindervoet van Noort
Le Corbusier - #Resurrection of an #architect
Part of the The MAN [MADE GODS] AND COMMUNICATION event in Natlab Eindhoven. Promotion for The Man [made gods] and Communication event in Natlab. An...
Wedding Map for the wedding of Roza & Freek in Italy together with the wonderfull @Gabiberkers
VISUAL RESEACH | Is this Eindhoven?!
From the moment I moved to Eindhoven in 2011, I have been fascinated how much branding goes into this city. Eindhoven is branded as "City of light", "Design City"...
GRAPHIC | Travel Journal South East Asia
I traveled South East Asia with a friend from November 2008 till January 2009. We had an amazing time. The people are generally very kind, and especially Lao has...
VISUAL IDENTITY - Eetcafé Moeke Vaatstra
Café- restaurant Moeke Vaatstra ('Ma' Vaatstra) is known in the wider environs of Groningen for its special character and friendly atmosphere. With the arrival of ...
VISUAL CONTEXT | "Home Sweet Home"
[Research Image & Context] Starting from the phrase “Home Sweet Home” I researched how the meaning of this phrase becomes different when you change the context wh...
GRAPHIC - Commit Newyears card
New years card for COMMIT/ , a public-private ICT research community
In the summer of 2010 my friend Inge Kea and I had a small break from working on some spray painted ilustrations. We were strolling on her parents farm when we...