About Troy Murphy
I am a U.S. Freestyle Ski Team member from Bethel, Maine. I have been a competitive mogul skier since I was 11. I graduated from Gould Academy in 2010, and since then I have been focusing on skiing full-time, training with Planet Ski International and the Park City Freestyle Team. I made the U.S. Ski Team's Freestyle "C" Team in the spring of 2013.

U.S. Freestyle Championships 2013. Photo Credit: Kirk Paulsen

I have set a goal of competing in and winning the Olympics in my sport, and devote my life to this goal. In order to do this, I must raise enough money to cover my travel, competition, equipment, and other ski (and life) related expenses. To do this, I have been spending my free time making handmade pottery to sell.

I learned how to throw pottery during my time at Gould Academy from Woody Hughes. Since I graduated, Woody has given me space in his ceramic studio at the Mill Hill Inn and Tavern in Bethel, ME. This is where I made the work that is for sale on this site.

Please take a moment to browse this site to see if there are any pieces that interest you. Any purchases would be greatly appreciated and would help fund my ski career!

Prices are listed at the top of each page. Please email me at troymrph15@gmail.com to place an order. There are only a limited number of pieces in stock so grab them while they last! Note that these are handmade pieces, so they are not all exactly alike, but that is a good thing because perfection is boring!

Thanks for checking out my site!




2012 U.S. Freestyle Selections Day 2. Copper, CO - 1st Place

2013 Deer Valley World Cup

Thompson Pass, Alaska. I am in the bottom left of the frame. Photo Credit: Aaron Gotthardt