Ikea: Where good Days start - Interactive

In a four minute film we tell the story of a family of five, getting through their morning routine, starting up the day. At every moment in the film the user can pause the film, and dive off into over 20 different mini-films, animations, or interactive elements. The challenge was to make the film work on it's own, as well as tell a broader story combined with all the interactive content.

See the case video for an idea of the interactive version below!

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Bronze Cannes Lion for microsite

Cristal for Storytelling at 2014 Cristal Awards.
Sapphire for Directing at 2014 Cristal Awards.
Sapphire for Casting at 2014 Cristal Awards.

Gold Blyjantil for craft
Gold Blyjantil for best website

Video of the Day at VOTD.

Bronze Microsite at 2014 Eurobest Awards.
Bronze Interactive Video at 4 2014 Eurobest Awards.

FWA Website of the day.

Project of the week at Creativity-Online.
Pick of the Day at Creativity-Online.

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Client: IKEA
Agency: SMFB
Creatives: Alexander Gjersøe, André Koot, Hans Martin Roenneseth, Hans Magne Ekre
Production: MediaMonks Films

Director & Script: Tom Rijpert
Interactive Director: Jeroen van der Meer
Film Producers: Noor van Geloven, Johan Junker
DOP: Robbie van Brussel
Editor: Sander van Wijk
Music: Jorrit Kleijnen
Sound: Dave van Luttervelt, Kaiser Sound
Modelling: Ivo Diependaal
Animatie: Rik Schutte
Compositing: Richard van Dusschoten, Melissa van het Spijker