meditation space from Tomas Navarro on Vimeo.

Single channel video artwork. Animated autostereogram. 4 minutes. Rotterdam 2012.

Meditation Space is an animated autostereogram. Hidden behind the "magic carpet", through zen-like practice of logical suspension, a three dimensional image can be find.

SIRDS images (autostereogram) are based on after-images, binocular disparity and mathematical algoritms in order to allow the stereopsis features of vision to see an underlayered depth mask (3d model) hidden in a computer generated dot pattern. Meditation Space propose an 3d cinematic experience that needs the active participation of the audience; autostereograms implies that the brain must overcome the automatic coordination between focusing and vergence. Therefore the artwork requires a certain state of mind, practice and discipline.
On 2010 Tomás Navarro began a research on unseen photo/cinematic techniques. The overall concept was the aperture-light-time and the goal to establish a new method for motion-blur improvements, finally aiming for a " liquid" filmmaking. Altought the videographic outcome of those experiences are still work in progress, Tomás Navarro engaged himself in several self-invented crono-photographic and lens-based experiences.

shutter_works # beam splitter rig for iphone / motion blur test from Tomas Navarro on Vimeo.

shutter_works # strobo light interpolation / motion blur test from Tomas Navarro on Vimeo.

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