Timothy Chang/ Hsin-Yuan Chang

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1988
a motion graphic designer, animator,
and also an illustrator and visual designer, former million blogger.

Before 2008, he was a known chart article creator on a popular platform in Taiwan. In this period, the form of his works was almost graphic art such as graphic design, print, T-shirt design or illustration and comic . Since 2008, he has studied in Shih Chieh University Department of communications design. Computer Arts & multimedia became the main art form in his creations instead of graphic art because of the passion of researching on the sector of animation and motion graphic.

He has many experiences cooperating with some big companies because of his great design ability and the identity of former million blogger. On the other hand, all his works are independent, included of the animations, motion graphics, webs, and illustrations and graphic designs.

Email / timothy2492@gmail.com
Facebook / Timothy Chang