Project: The Apex Project
Category: Collaborative

Description: The Apex Project is a collaborative brief set by Michael Tierney to push the boundaries within the creative industry. There will be a single brief set per year, each year the team will grow in numbers and develop their skills. The theme of the project will change from brief to brief but the message will always be the same: passion, progression, creativity.

Michael Tierney: Director, Writer

Hugh M Adamson: Director, Producer
Jason Marris: Cinematographer, Editor & Lighting
Paul Everatt: Cameraman & Photographer
Yen Ip: Storyboards
Jimmy Black: Composer
Paul Parker: Voiceover artist
Jay Smith: SFX & Animation

Daniel Whittleton: Photographer
Jess Burwell: SFX / Make Up Artist
Naomi Jackson: Hair Stylist

Thomas Arran: Photographer

Andrew Hill: Graphic Designer
Anton Stepine: Graphic Designer
Dominic Li: Illustrator
James Fenwick: Illustrator
Lewis Jackson: Illustrator
Matt Lapping: Tattooist
Rosie Wheeldon: Illustrator
Sam Mearns: Graphic Designer
Vicky Green: Illustrator

Adam Hill: Human Canvas
Dan Sage: Human Canvas
Martin Sage: Human Canvas