About Thu-Nhi Nguyen
Hello, my name is Thu-Nhi Nguyen, which is pronounced 2nee win, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been appraised for my artistic abilities. While I love observing and participating in the realm of fine arts, I immensely respect commercial art for its abilities to communicate ideas and influence people to take actions. Commercial art has a purpose for its existence and doesn’t need justification. It exists as solutions to prevailing business problems, and to be effective, it remains visually entertaining to engage its viewers.

As I learned more about art direction in school, I find that I highly enjoy the manipulation of texts and images to convey various concepts to strategically solve challenging briefs. In the process of producing comps, I sometime get frustrated and stressed, but those emotions only enhance the pleasure and pride of seeing an artistic vision come to life. In addition to appreciating the chance to scratch my artistic itch, I relish the challenge of conjuring strategic concepts. I have always dreamed of having a creative profession that keeps me on my toes and I believe that art direction is that job.