Illusive: Contemporary Illustration and its Context
Editors: Robert Klanten & Hendrik Hellige

Pub: Die Gestalten Verlag 2005

Work appeared in this influential survey of illustration in three
chapters, Basic & Scribble, Vector and Fashion & Lifestyle.


Chapter Intro's

Basic & Scribble

'The Followiing illustrations represent spontaneous and simplifying pictorial approaches, scribbled, sketched or simply flung down on paper. They are naive
modest, reduced to essentials - often astonishingly carefree. Their ultimate aim is not to become a complex detailed representation, so they do not make a formal appearance at first, preferring to remain at the daft or sketch stage. They do not set out to represent the world exactly, nor to become an artificial formal language. Instead they remain simple, sometimes incomplete statements. And yet: these simple little drawings reveal a great truth.'


'Vector illustrations are illustrations fantastic all-rounders and digital prodigies. Their endlessly scaleable lines, crystal-clear paths and curves, and also homogeneous colour fields, put them among the milestones of illustration. Their victorious progress as an aesthetic principle in unparalelled in the world of digital images.
Vector illustrations were born of the specific spirit of the late 90's. The vector world and its inhabitants are hyperreal and over-perfect. They are a cool, highly stylized manifestation of the periods' yearning for more aesthetics, design and lifestyle. Even though vector illustrations are now taken for granted as part of our visual culture, people are still addicted to them. They still satisfy our longing for stylized images that are not of this world. So vector illustrations remain a known quantity and important component in contemporary illustration.'


'Fashion illustrations are creative data storage media for lifestyle and the essence of the age. They obviously do not just show clothes in a great deal of detail. Fashion illustrations are works of art in their own right. They present clothed bodies staged for the times, and commit an ages style and spirit to