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Electric Foxy Featuring "Ping": The Social Networking Garment

In the age of a fast moving technologically inclined society it is no surprise that the Fashion Industry would transform and follow in its foot steps. Designer Jennifer Darmour has truely set the bar in advanced wearable technology with her new development "Ping" the garment that allows the wearer to stay connected to Facebook wirelessly anytime and anywhere. The garment learns the users reactions and automatically sends status updates directly to friends, family, or groups now you can look fabulous and stay connected. For more information on "Ping" and other projects from Jennifer Damour visit


"Mansharing" The Book and ABC7 Special Interview featuring Author J. Darlene Hayes.

J. Darlene Hayes author of Mansharing the book made her first National debut on ABC7 Windy City Live to give readers the inside scoop on her hot topic Man-sharing. The book has drawn lots of attention telling a story of two young women who explore the idea of sharing a man and find themselves testing their relationship in the process. This book has ruffled feathers as men and women consider the thought of such a scenario happening in real life. Darlene is now selling the e-book version of "Mansharing" at with the Kindle version selling for $2.99. Check out the video below to see the Live interview with Author Darlene Hayes to get a sneak peak into "Mansharing" the book. Enjoy :).

Drai’s Hollywood “Moonlight Swim Kick-Off Party”

Drai’s Hollywood is an upscale chic nightclub located inside of the contemporary W hotel in Hollywood, CA right on the corner of Vine and Hollywood. Thursday night was the Moonlight Swim Kick-Off Party sponsored by LA Canvas Magazine which features Art, Music, Style, Food, and Events in the greater Los Angeles Area. Also in the house where bambam apparel featuring their 2012 Holiday Collection “City Rockers” for Women with galaxy graphic printed leggings and underwear for men, as well as, “UrbanEars”, a new company that is at the for front of stylized and high fashion head phones. Not like your regular iPhone head phones which come in one color, these sleek devices come in a wide array of colors and fabric such as leather, denim, even quilted for comfort. There was a photo booth on the pool deck to capture memories with friends and live dancers inside for added entertainment. The vibe was right and the atmosphere on the pool deck of Drai’s was grand. Kudos Drai’s for providing a great night out!

For more Information on Featured Vendors and Drai’s Hollywood Upcoming Events Please Visit their websites @

Drai’s Hollywood:
UrbanEars: Also sold @
W Hotel:

Make It A Movie Night "What Men Think"

This wonderful movie is based on relationships and how men and woman can better understand one another when their open to communicate more freely with each other which create a healthy open relationship. "What men Think" starring BJ Williams and Erica Gailes is avaiable in stores now on DVD so, movie night is just one click away. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I have.

Until we meet again Cheers to movie nights!

My Peeble Fantasy

In a universe far away, where nothing exist, but everything exist. In a space where time is abundant, but freedom is not. Their lives a colony called the peebles and they don’t have mouths and ears. There surrounded by water but reside on a force as hot as the sun. There enemies orbit there world and keep them hostage by not allowing them to exit the water to get starlight. Peebles work by touch. They can only feel and the challenge is that all the sensors are on their backs. For decades peebles have been forced to stay submerged in water below zero degrees temperature in which over 100 billion peebles die each year. To make a long story short, those peebles used there sensors and joined together to form super peeble the force of the unknown relic brigade and triplex hydro-oxygen-boostinator which vanquished the enemy and gave peebles the right to starlight. Unfortunately the peebles where all allergic to the starlight and the whole colony was vanquished.

The End

A good friend of mine who is an A-mazing event promoter in the greater Los Angeles area Jeff Fong invited me to an event which I thought was the Amateur Grand Prix Unofficial party, but it turned out to be a celebration for the TV show Revenge on ABC and the entire cast was in the house. The event was held at a Hot New Night Club in Hollywood called The Colony and it was a hit! There where live performers for the mature audience and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a women's body being rubbed with rubbing alcohol and then set ablaze with no injury, exciting! And to make my night grand I made some cool new friends from Arizona and Israel and we partied all night long. Good times make for great memories and I think this was a night I'll never forget! Have a wonderful week and Stay Inspired!!!....


I had a wonderful day today things couldn't have been more delightful [wink wink]. I went to work and saddled up to prepare for the future fall 2012 Sweater line being created overseas. There are many elaborate styles that will be featured this coming season from our end :) many beautiful sweaters made of specialty fibers that create a soft feel and excellent comfort for the wearer (hopefully that will be me and many others), and since spring is almost over I have a long ways to wait for that-patience is a virtue so, I'm waiting in anticipation! On top of all that fun for lunch I grabbed a small earl grey iced tea at "Wien downtown" for a morning pick up and right before it was time for me to go back to the office I dropped it on the ground after only having a few sips L how upsetting, but the thing that made it all bizarre was that I had just bought a tea that morning and the cup had a hole in it...but, I got some good ideas on paper, sketched a random doodle with my pencil in my left hand, my blue pen in my right and put all those bad vibes behind me. Back at the warehouse I played with samples and before you know it my work day was over and I was writing this blog! So, I hope you had a marvelous day and I leave you with a picture of inspiration and "keep moving forward"-Ray Kroc.....

Wild Wild West Ranger.

Check this guy out; the Wild Wild West Ranger. Maybe if we had one of him on every inner city block, we could end gang bangin! It may be preposterous now, but this guy looks scary enough to intimidate a thug or two. I think I have the right to defend my ranger because I’ve seen the effects of gangsterism and I want to see it end. All hail L.A. but remember every city has its flaws so don’t judge a book by its cover, and for all my out of towners it’s not fake, you just have to learn the rules..

Message!!! Paul Hawken Journal "The Ecology of Commerce"

The state of massive business and the monetary commitment is frightening. Like the movies Avatar and Fern Gully land is being extruded of its natural resources while those with the power –that power being weapons of mass destruction- trick the people or convince them that they know what's best for their land and resources turning corporations into instant saviors with all the right answers. From reading these seven chapters I realized that Paul Hawken is crying out to all citizens of all nations to "speak" against injustice and to stop turning our backs on our fellow neighbor. These corporations plead loyalty to its consumers but yet diseases like Autism in children, tumors, and cancer are increasing along with obesity and high blood pressure. There are many chemicals that are being released into the earth by companies that have been around for years like Mc Donald's, Edison, DuPont, and yet they are moving forward as scheduled with methods that have proven not only to raise profit but also creates dis-ease in our earth; where is the loyalty to the people. Then I began to wonder, is Paul Hawken right, do we have to give these companies great incentives to essentially "Do the right thing" like Spike Lee, or can we all just find a way to help each other get rid of waste by not upgrading our cellphones twice a year, or slowing down the seasons in the apparel industry and using alternative biodegradable fibers all together. We the people create the resources that hurt us because we all in some way, shape, or form work with or contribute to these companies that create things that we have become dependent on to get through our daily lives and taboo to speak against. In essence, the big factor and success should be brought back down to earth where family and friends come first and basic needs are met like food and shelter. That's what it's all about; everything else is just someone else's fantasy.

Cheers To Good Times and Great Art!!!

Today has been a wonderful day I woke up, got to school on time, well actually with time to spare and I roamed the campus for about 20 minutes planting my business cards in inconspicuous places so people can have fun scanning. I had more than enough adrenaline I could handle for one day in Cardio Aerobics Dance class and when it was all over I ran up five flights of stairs to see my counselor office "he wasn't there", and I forgot it was 11: 45 am and he wouldn't be in until 1:30pm. So long story short I passed by this Funky Art studio off the corner of La Brea and Adams, and I guess curiosity (my little mind devil) had been stalking this place for at least a month and when I see people hanging out in this small secluded basement style, mass graffiti all over the exterior, and kind of ironic location prism of fun "I want in" lol. So, I leave you all with a snapshot I captured of some really nice Graffiti Art where I parked. Check it out and Enjoy!

New Images!!!

My Tribute to Spring, Fall, and Winter @ LATTC

It has been a long semester. Of course, i'm talking about spring 2011, fall 2011, and winter 2011-2012. Over the course of this semester I think I was visited by the spirit (lol) or something that feels close to it. I met some amazing students in my theater 101 class (and this is going to be out of chronological order for a second but please do bear with me) and we bonded like we were souls searching on Google for theater 270 and we were a match made in webdom. I learned a lot about making people feel uncomfortable :) and, I learned that you can do a lot of fun stuff in the space around you, but it must have other civilians involved. Then there was web design in the spring, which was definitely an experience for me since I was carrying my baby girl (maybe that's why she's so into computers now!) and my teacher "Mr. Ozuah" was very understanding of my situation, I busted my butt and got an "A". Nothing is impossible. And finally, to end it all was my speech class (And side note: Ms. Moreno I loved English 101 that would take a whole blog to talk about that experience). Never judge a book by it's cover!!! that was the lesson I learned. It doesn't even make sense to be racist anymore because where all dealing with the same issues under different moons, and it blew my mind how topics that I thought were no brainers where very controversial. Any hew. I say this all to encourage you, my dear reader to make education your top priority, only good things can come out of it, and you never know, it might just be your first class ticket to success, whatever your definition of that is. I wish you all the best in this New Year and Tah Tah for now!


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