TM004 comes from one of our original artists who makes music under the name Snorlax. Ever since day one, Snorlax's enigmatic songs have left us delirious in trying to pin them down to one genre, or even comprehend how he does what he does. On his debut single for The Melt, Snorlax dials into his proto-junglist/drum n bass influences and concocts two songs that keep us guessing all the way through. His unpredictable song structure coupled with his badman-like ability to lay down tough intricate percussion have resulted into something that showcases a true talent. Doing his thing and not being afraid to hide it.

1) From The Ghetto
2) Bakra Gets Rinsed
3) From The Ghetto (Pixelord Remix)
4) From The Ghetto (Colta Remix)