LAUNCHING OUT! The Great Sleeping Bear-multiple version

As a Multiple version of The Great Sleeping Bear
This is a new project, which is developed slowly during the corse of making the prototypes of multiple version of a sculpture, The Great Sleeping Bear.

The meaning of multiplying the bear and shipping to all the locations in the world, is in a way similar phenomenon of the population growth of a spiece of this bear " the Great Sleeping Bear", in the world. The locations of where this bear will be sent to, will be shown on the map. The numbers of bears in the world is depending on the phenomena of demands.

Here, I would like to ask people who purchase this work to participate by sending me back the experiences of adventures, or non adventures whenever you take them. Beautiful nature or scenery snapsots that you take on the way of your trips or just a walk with this bear would be appreciated. And please allow me to use them for the purpose of sharing with the other people on he website of the Great Sleeping Bear-multiple version, which will be set up next year.
I will attach the example photographs/ collages of my work in the site which shows the adventure of the wondering man/bear.

The map will show where this bear live the most, and what kind of sceneries these bears had been seeing on the map of this website.

This new movement of the multiple version of the Great Sleeping Bear is to create the starting point of people to dream and to wander together in our world and in the reality. The bear finally started to walk outside in the world!


★ This object will be produced when people make orders.
This bear will be hand made, even from nose to teeth.
Unfortunately, at this moment, availability will be depending on a few conditions,due to the circumstances of non mass production object.

Therefore this work will be limitedly produced in unknown period, approximately only within these years.
Thus, this bear will be a very rare piece in the world, and as well as exclusive object. They will be all numbered.
To start with, I will make 7 pieces in 2014. Threrefore, if you are interested in having this object, please contact me early as possible. In beginning of March, I will start shipping the work for the first round. If you want for the first round shippment, please let me know before end of Jan in 2014.


The sculpture, The Great Sleeping Bear, was originally inspired by the news occurred in Bavaria 2006. The news was about a bear suddenly appeared in mountains as a wild bear since 170 years in Bavaria. He evoked huge discussion among people, which happen to escalate involving the discussions in government. He was named "Bruno" by people who loved him, and called as well as "Probmlem Bear". In the end, the government made a decision to hunt him down.

What interested me in this story was that this bear was generating many illusions in people, as “the realities” by just crossing the borderline between countries. 
 In order to recreate such illusions, I have created a realistic bear as an sleeping bag as a boundary between the culture and the wild nature.