Dwell Exhibition
A Pop-up Exhibition by Ulafa’a Initiative

This exhibition entitled contemplates the notion of dwelling, both in a physical sense related to one's home, and in an emotive sense, related to dwelling on an experience or contemplation of ones past. The exhibition unites various artists, most notably the collective Ulafaa, as this is their first independent group exhibition. Dwell will showcase installation, illustration, photography and various other mediums, within a traditional house located in Hidd. This house is also soon to be demolished; something that was taken to develop the curatorial concept.

The exhibition highlights the importance of family, ones relationship to the family "place," and memories associated with time, all of which are juxtaposed by the complexity of contemporary life. They also invite other artists to participate of the exhibition, by sending images to be used by the artists. Have a look at the images gallery for more information.

"In a fast-paced world, one can notice the cycle of houses taking its form. As many of the old houses
in Bahrain surrender to the effect of time, we loose more architectural evidences for our connection
with the past.
Since our connection with the old houses comes from our families, and our relationship with them
forms who we are now; here we pay a tribute to them, through the art of story-telling that are reflected in various mediums such as photography, illustration, installation and performance.
‘dwell’ is a pause in time; to reflect on what we sacrifice of our heritage in order to move on with our lives... in order to build stronger houses that can accommodate our big families and cope with the “modern life style”
‘dwell’ is our lingering moments on what our old houses held of memories and stories absorbed in their cracked walls.
‘dwell’ is a celebration of family, of love, of connection.
‘dwell’ is .......

Main Artists:
Amal Attiya
Batool Alshaikh
Edd Ibrak
Frances Stafford
Maitham Almubarak
Mohammad AlQari
Nada Alaradi
Tamadher Ali
Yasser Alhassan

Areej Abdulatif
Deena Ashraf
Ebrahim Rashid
Husain AlKumaish
Khalid Aljabri
Mohannad Alfardan
Wasan Madan
Zahra’a Alezzi

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Contact Them:
twitter & instagram: @ulafaa