The Curiosity Project
The Curiosity Project is an effort to bridge the very unique gap between print and digital media. By combining QR codes, a blog, hand making and pure curiosity the goal was to restructure the way we interact with both print and digital media.

Each day our one post was edited. There was no archive and a post was only live for twenty-four hours. By scanning the posters of handmade QR codes around New York City viewers were able to get a daily bit of inspiration from videos, photos, songs and many other things. After a post is done, it becomes part of a bigger aggregated poster of images that visually reflect the overarching themes present for each period.

The posters were created by blending the technology of QR codes with handcraft. Using familiar objects like Hershey Kisses, magnets and Post its we recreated these typically sterile images into something much more inviting and intriguing.

See the project site here, or scan one of the codes to go directly to the site.

The project is no longer live so the daily posts have been made available again. This was a group project with Camile Wei-Hsin Lin.

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