Earth Patterns
Beautiful things on our planet,
found on Google Maps.

Earth Patterns is an exploration of the spectacular satellite images of the planet found on Google Maps.

When I first got my iPad, I realized I had no idea what to actually use it for. I watched some Netflix, played Draw Something (but it felt like cheating on a big screen) and then discovered that Google Maps looked really cool on a retina display.

These are screen grabs of beautiful stuff I found exploring the globe from the comfort of my bed.

Mad props to Google for making this kind of stuff available.

See the full collection of high resolution images at

Set Google maps to Satellite view and click a place below to check out a few of the original image locations:

Anakara, Turkey
Lake Acraman, Gairdner, South Australia
Huelva, Spain
Texas Gulf Potash Pond, Monticello, Utah
Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Bering Sea, United States
Villarino, Buenos Aires, Argentina