Photograph of the first black hole, taken after it appeared in my studio on April 27, 2012.

About six months ago, I felt this pain inside my soul. Perhaps it was more of an "absence of self", like a growing emptiness or void in the center of all my feelings and thoughts. This "void" frightened me because I'd never before felt anything like it. It seemed to gain in space as it gained in size. I remember I wished nothing more than to run away from it. It was the complete opposite of light... It was pure darkness, inside which all information of myself, I feared, would disappear or be lost.

One day in the studio, in the middle of working on something else, I could feel this nameless unknown thing reaching out for my attention. It was then that I decided to look at it, become more aware of it as opposed to run away from it. I drew a circle and applied a thick layer of black gouache. When it was dry, it seemed to absorb all of me as I looked at it. Inside, there were no thoughts nor feelings, no memories, no physicality, nothing. It was like a black hole. At that moment a sense of abiding calm came over me from inside, from the very same place this enigmatic void was coming from. I then became increasingly interested with the idea of the black hole not as "end", but as a place of "death and rebirth"... An unknown place of transformation and opportunity. I rather like this idea, of a place or a non-place inside a person not as a place of negation but a peaceful place of re-invention. 

Since its time of origin, I've felt the strong desire of making the Black Hole into a more corporeal event. I want to touch it, feel it, observe it from all its sides... And eventually, I'd like to step into it and experience this same 'darkness' as environment. In some sense, I think I'm looking for the harmonious meeting of the inner and outer spheres of my own existence.

This site is dedicated to documenting the evolution of the Black Hole project. Most of the images are of the works coming out of the studio a day or two after the work has been produced. There is no subtext (yet...) about the works themselves. Instead a few words illustrating my thoughts and feelings on the imagery at that moment. For the time being*, most of the pieces are made of black pigment and resin.

Orestes Grediaga
October 2012, Stockholm

* the texts I write I often return to and alter sections of, shift or replace sentences, or simply delete entire parts