Талос - Многомировая интерпретация
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A limited cassette release of fifty (50) copies.
Following our audio and design aesthetic philosophy, this time we returned with an analog ambient release, special hand made and entirely printed with a laser printer and book -binded in house by the
Многомировая интерпретация is all about science and mysticism, influenced by the 80's the era of synth ambient and dark -low quality -laser print aesthetic.

details of the release:
- a book case (350g Velvet with lamination) to protect the book
- 24 pages A5 size laser printed design book, binded with
studs (100g DCP).
- audio tape with six tracks inside.
- A3 poster (Sappi Velvet120g).
- mp3 download url / code inside the book for digital download of the album.

track list:
side a:
1. Уровень
2. Состояние вакуума
3. Все возможные альтернативные исторические науки
side b:
1. Корреляционные парадоксы
2. негатив
3. Бесконечные параллельные версии

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Талос – реактор 4 SOLD OUT

A limited release of fifty (50) copies. The release comes inside a box in three (3) different versions, that contains two (2) books of sixteen pages each, two (2) audio CD, three (3) flyers
and a 7'' vinyl. Find details and prices about every version bellow.

1.Basic Version. Box contains:
—two (2) soft cover books, sixteen (16) pages each.
—Main book -velvet 270g cover, 170g body.
—Extra book -mat 250g cover, 150g body.
— three (3) A5, 350g design puzzle cart postal.
—Main CD -реактор 4 contains five audio tracks.
—Extra mini CD : Талос - внимание.

Vinyl edition

find copies from record stores that we distribute:
ad noiseam
vinyl micro store

Талос ∞
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A limited in copies fifty (50) pages graphic design book with five (5) electronic music tracks in audio CD inside. An exploration between minimal - abstract graphic design and electronic music.

Online pre order contains:
- fifty (50) pages graphic design book.
- five (5) electronic music tracks in audio CD inside.
- DVD with the HD videos of the tracks: взаимодействие света с веществом and сверхсветовой коммуникации.
- desktop artworks.
- two (2) extra track - remixes by tape86 and Esoteric Sob.
-Талос poster A3 size.

Price 26.50€ (including shipping and handling)