My design premise started from being inspired by the luxuries of the latest technology on hand be it a MacBook Pro or a Sony PSP which took the aesthetics to the next level. These brands, Sony and Apple brought the world a minimalistic and highly efficient level of design. Using these prime examples that were before my eyes I decided to look back to a nostalgic and old technology being the popular Gameboy Color. The original was released in 1998 and rose to quick success selling 118.69 million units. This meant it had to be mass-produced and have a limited level of aesthetic difficulty applied to it so they could make many at once.

Seeing that I was taking the parts of the original and reforming them into a new shell I decided to move away from the bulk plastic feel of it and treat it as a hand crafted small production object. This gave me the ability to think about all kinds of materials and finishes that would transform the old antique into a modern minimal marvel.

The form I decided upon for the Gameboy came from the inspiration of latest generation of MacBook Pro's using subtle curves and long sweeping planes to celebrate the beauty of their finish and care of each individual item. I also wanted to change the layout of the buttons to promote ease of the way you used to system. Instead of four axis moving and two pressed buttons I moved to three aligned thumbsticks that would be easy just to push in each direction to give you a better feel of action in the game. Taking more inspiration from lead designers and enjoying the minimal style I decided to add speaker detailing that was seamless yet added a new element.

I didn't want to change the game cartridge at all as I wanted to pay homage to the old games that everyone loved and bring a bit of color into the piece as a whole. I feel the entire object went together well as I used many methods to achieve this finish getting the form 3D printed in a white flexible plastic and then coating the object in a copper plate to be finally chrome plated once sanded and smoothed back, but I didn't want the finish too smooth, I wanted a slightly rough texture. The method of making this Gameboy was a truly fantastic journey making me learn about processes and new ways of forming objects. It brought back my childhood into a modern light.

I chose the name "rezzed" as it means the second coming of technology to appear into our existence. I breathed new life into an old gem and I wanted to give it a luxurious appeal, to make it aesthetically appear what it is worth in the mind of the users.