Stoctaves is a sound installation that generates music in real time from the stock market fluctuations. It remediates the traditional means of viewing and analysing stock data by turning speculations of money into music.

Variable data like stock can generate a soundscape of textures and tones -every second, different from the last and never repeating the same stage twice. The project has its basis in Data Sonification that is the use of sound to communicate information or perceptualise data, as an alternative to visualisation techniques.

The Initial Prototype
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There is no clear logic as to how the stock market functions. In all this chaos somewhere exists a pattern and an emotional factor still not accounted for.The temporal factor and unpredictability also creates curiosity over the development of sound. As such the thought of an auditory display that requires a constant awareness of some information, manifested in the form of a radio station which tunes into the stock market exchange from all around the world.

Select a company of your interest and hear how it sounds over a period of time. The sound loops were made relevant to the companies and sector. Layered over a 3 tier structure, an attempt has been made to portray the stock price data by rising pitch as the stock price rose, and lowering pitch as it fell. To allow the user to determine that more than one stock was being portrayed, different timbres or brightness might be used for the different stocks, or they may be played to the user from different points in space, for example, through different sides of their headphones.

The stock market has a tense, strict business feel to it, far flung from the notes of music. Making the twain meet by exploring the ‘unheard’ connections between music and money is an interesting experiment, for the ironic twist that it creates.
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A glimpse into the sounds of the stock market rendered over a short period, spanning different sectors.

Stoctaves by Suvani Suri

Prototyping on Processing, Ableton, Arduino

Winner at the Pune Design Festival 2013, Media category
Semifinalist at the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2012
Selected for the showcase at 4th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction (India HCI 2012) in Pune, India.
Selected for the WSCG 2012 Conference in Plzen, Prague
Featured on the Digital Arti International Selection channel