Multitouch Table
The project entailed the construction of a multi-touch table from the design, building and assembly of the hardware, to understanding of the software, interfacing the two, software explorations using fiducials and touch, caliberation and study of occlusion-aware interfaces and designing of applications for testing and prototyping purposes.

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It was a huge learning experience not just because of the tasks involved but also due to the size of the team at work. A group of 13 was working towards creating the table from scratch. Tasks were divided, roles assigned and along with working on individual tasks, we managed to learn the the whole process in detail. My role involved understanding the interfacing of the hardware and software (CCV/ Reactivision), and working with fiducials on touch.

The process also involved an extensive study of interactive maps as part of the investigation to represent the city of Ahmedabad, visually and aurally on an interactive table. Finally we created applications using Processing and Flash , for fiducials and touch, for the functional prototype.
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Complete documentation of the project can be found here.

Team: NMD-2010
Acknowledgements: Dr. Jignesh Khakhar, Mayank Loonker
Thanks: Arshad Pathan, Sures Kumar, Promila Roychoudhery