In Transit
'In Transit' is a public installation for transit spaces, that attempts to create an immersive experience for the traveler, providing him with a means to reflect upon his memories and in turn also render more significance to the space of transit.

Airports, train stations, bus stops - Transit Spaces, where we spend so much of our time in wait, and that hold no particular importance for us, but in memories, as places where connections were established and times were spent waiting for that bus or train to take you to loved ones or to important events. Often described as 'Non-Places' after the term coined by Marc Auge, to refer to these places of transience that do not hold enough significance to be regarded as 'places', what is it that can attach more value to the periods of wait in these spaces, and in turn the spaces themselves ?!! The thought led to the idea that there is an ever present connection between these spaces and memories, for it is in these times of wait, when time seems to slow down that we find ourselves lost in thoughts and memories, reflecting, reminiscing.

The installation, that can be placed, sometime in the future is a personal memory bank, where you can deposit and withdraw your memories in the form of photos, videos, sounds the works. It relies on memories itself to create an experience that further delves you into them. The day is not far when sounds and smells could be used to tag our photos too, other than images and text and at that time and age, deposition and withdrawal of traces of memories in their full form, would be for real.
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The metaphor of cycle, as 'cycling in time', was used for the prototype and inspiration was taken from the stereoscope to attempt to create an experience - disconnected in time and space yet personal and immersive, that is but a figment of what could be in the future.The context of the installation placed in the specific sites of transience brings a certain element of value to the spaces itself, by associating the memories with them.

The inspiration for the project was the work of Marc Auger-Non Places and the documentary by Janosch Delcker - The end of the line, about the forgotten subways of Berlin. Also the stereoscope which elaborates the action of 'peeping in' served as inspiration for the prototype.

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Prototyping using Processing, Arduino, Reed Sensors, Switches.