(Design Project with IIM-Ahmedabad)

Green-o-Meter is a mobile application which persuades people to walk more and use transport facilities less, thus helping in reducing carbon footprint as well as promoting fitness.The application was conceived as part of the ' New technology applications, design and business models' course , undertaken in collaboration with Management students at IIM, Ahmedabad. It involved a series of research based assignments which briefed us about the viability of products and services in terms of their business models. It henceforth led us to the design of a mobile app which would be innovative yet economically sustainable in nature.

By using the accelerometer and GPS technology in the smartphone, this application uses the context provided by users' location and tracks users’ movements , counting the number of steps taken. Depending on the number of steps taken by the user, certain amount of green points get credited in his/her account. The user can redeem his/her green points with some selected merchandise offered by the collaborating brands or even get his/her cell phone recharged, offering good incentives for users to walk more.

The smartphone application, with basis in persuasive computing (Fogg Behavioural Model),also holds the potential to provide deeply personalized and compelling interventions , motivated by prior research in the shopping psychology and browsing patterns, which would help to reinforce the choice of walking as against using transport.
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Team : Suvani Suri, Jaskeerat Bedi , Arpit Chavande (IIM-A), Sumit Saurav (IIM-A)