Superzeroes is a location-based mobile game that takes place in the real world.

In a world of superheroes and supervillains, a relative peace is struck with the two opposing forces finding balance. This has been the way of life for generations, as superheroes have fought to protect the lives of the common citizen regardless of race, gender, age, or social standing. But despite all the heroism, superpowers, and gadgets, even the strongest of superheroes cannot withstand a global economic collapse.

Since then, most superheroes have left the world’s most populous cities, exchanging their thankless jobs for simpler lives. And in this void, evil-doers of all kinds have crawled to the surface to take advantage of the situation. With the balance broken and no one to stop the forces of evil, a new pantheon of heroes must step forward.

And so our story begins with a mixed-bag band of misfits–of whom likely spent the greater part of their childhoods idolizing past superheroes–volunteering themselves to the cause. These nobodies have no superpowers to speak of, yet they genuinely believe they can develop them through experience thwarting evil. But in this time of need, townships all over the world have no choice but to trust the protection of their homes and citizens to these incredibly ordinary… Superzeroes.

How This Works

Armed with their mobile phones and a band of their friends, players embark on an epic journey using their own cities as the game world. Through the acquisition and completion of missions, players unfold the plot behind Superzeroes in their quest to vanquish evil from their homes, while building the strength and confidence of their Superzero persona.

On-Location Missions

Because Superzeroes takes place in the physical realm, the missions assigned to you will send you all over the city! Completing missions require you to be at the designated location and you can even pick up missions at random points - it's up to you to find them all!

Wacky Characters

The cast of characters you'll meet along the way are all going to be eccentric in their own way, but you'll also have a chance to customize the look, personality, and general badassery of your own Superzero.

Even Wackier Items

Ever think you'd fight evil pirates with a garden hose? Or what about protecting yourself with a life preserver? Expect to find ridiculous items to use as gear as you complete missions and build your confidence.

The Social Experience

Core to Superzeroes is the opportunity to make new friends. By encouraging teamwork and collaboration and using location data to match players, you can expect to make some new allies along the way as you do battle against the toughest of foes.