INRA is a Dialectic Drone Dub Duo from Berlin: With hyperdense sound textures, polyrhymtic beats and poetry they bend time, shape worlds and vaporize our hyperreal surroundings. Using live electronics, vocals, percussion, and a just intonation guitar they conjure a viscous yet danceable, meditative yet empowering music. Drawing from contemporary clubmusic, free improvisation, drone, dub and sonic futurism they exhale an alienated ontology, haunted by the presence of the real and memories of the future.

Adam Ben-Nun is a Berlin based guitarist, composer and electronic musician. He is a member of the Jerusalem based drone duo „40 Prophets” (Full Body Massage) and performs regularly with his solo project under his name (Nana Disc).

Philipp Rhensius is a Berlin based drummer, composer, writer and editor. He played as a drummer in hardcore and experimental noise bands, before his passion for bassheavy breakbeats, New Music and Drone developed into his club oriented projects and the duo aphtc (Nord).