Sublime Machine is the creative portfolio of Sebastian Peschiera.

Masters: Design Media and Research, SCI-Arc
BFA:University of Puerto Rico
BA: Entertainment & Technology, SMC

SEBASTIAN PESCHIERA is a media artist and designer. He has a Masters in Media Design and Research from the innovative program- MediaScapes (SciArc).

He has been involved in the development of several large scale video installations.
Including Fire and Water in downtown Los Angeles and Timekeeper in Pasadena, CA. Both of these projects are to be completed in late 2014. His interest is in the intersection between art, media, design and architecture with the goal of sparking public interest and participation.

Because of his multidisciplinary approach he is able to wear various creative hats in the studio. He has experience in cinematography, editing, interactive visuals and media, coding, drawings, experience design, website and graphic design, projection art and mapping and also real-time system designs for installations. Prior to working at various studios, he was a freelance graphic designer, Production Design Assistant on films and designed realtime media and video installations.


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Mediation- A space between perception and the physical

Architecture of Perception focuses on the space where the virtual and physical meet. In the Installation the Lenses resemble the iris and the interactive projection resembles the digital mediation.

The purpose of this interactive installation is to boldly say that there is no turning back, for better or worst we live in the age of mediation. Thanks to digital technologies and interactive screens we no longer experience our environment as our ancestors did. How about creating environments that allow our mediated eye to re-experience and rediscover the space that we have grown to neglect? Architecture of Perception.

At the he beginning the viewer encounters the lenses these resemble our own iris - through the lenses(he sees the Projected Screens.

The projected screens show a digital interactive version of the building. And he can experience the architectural building through these screens by use of keypad interactivity.

The person is able to control what his mediated person sees.

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My Role - Creation of All the content that will be played for 7 to 12 years at the Westgate Plaza in Pasadena- CA.

-Concept Video -

Concept- A public art project that deals with different interpretations of Time in the fields of Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science,Biology, Health Sciences.

-Testing Screens-

- Work in progress-
Opening Ceremony & Official Video release by mid 2014.

-Concept Video -

My Role - Creation of All the content that will be played for 7 to 12 years at the entrance of Chinatown, Los Angeles - CA.

- Screen & Content Test Video -

Sign Language

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Experiments with camera vision and the physical body