STITCH_YOUR_BRAIN is a project and study by Monika Auch, visual artist and medical doctor about the intelligent power of our hands. Participation is open to everybody.
It started september 2013 and is still running. Exhibitions in The Netherlands and abroad are being planned.
It is financed by Monika with support for PR by Bloomsbury Publishers and grants from Dutch Foundation Stokroos for research on anatomy and imagemaking.
By participating you support the project.


STITCH YOUR own creative BRAIN. Order a kit >>see above >> and embroider the handprinted STITCH_YOUR_BRAIN canvas.
Use your own yarns, beads, colors. Feel free to use an entirely different technique!
Send your photograph or scan to brain@monikaauch.nl
Your work will be published on the STITCH_YOUR_BRAIN website.
>>>>>scroll to the right for the brainbox slideshow>>>>

Brainbox collection of stitches and thoughts

Call for the 2018 Brain show in Amsterdam
29 november - 10 december there will be an exhibition of stitched brains
in gallery WG Kunst on the grounds of the former Wilhelmina Hospital.
Please mail me: info[at]monikaauch.nl for the submission form.

The ongoing project is on tour:

Presentation at ETN conference in Boras, Sweden

Artist's talk at the 7th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial in Estonia

Lecture at KNAW Dutch Royal Society for Sciences

WAAG society invited us for Museumnacht Amsterdam
museumnacht Amsterdam

Slow textiles and wellbeing event at Gawthorpe Hall in june
with key-note lecture on Stitch Your Brain project.

Gawthorpe Textile Collection hosts the first Brain exhibition
in their newly renovated premises.

March, Stitch Your Brain will be presented with a video
and a talk at the
worlding the brain conference
an interdisciplinary event between neurosciences, humanities
and art organized by the University of Amsterdam.
In octobre 2015 British Gawthorpe Textile Collection
joined as with a large group of experienced stitchers.
An exhibition of brains is scheduled for spring 2016!

At Amsterdam Heritage days
I presented the prints 'My brain as a flower'.

In May 2015 the city of Leiden hosted the Textile Festival
and international ETN meeting.
SYB project was on show in a beautiful period house
in the old city of Leiden with the winners of the win a book competititon.
After the lecture a number of people from all over the world joined the project.

januari 2015
Stitch-your-brain was presented at the premiere of
0,8 Ampère Geluk van Saskia Gubbels
a documentary about treatment of severe depression
with Electro Convulsive Therapy. Stitch_Your_Brain
kits were a special gift to the patients, film crew and medical staff.
2014 was European Year of the Brain
Nationaal Initiatief Hersenen en Cognitie

juli 2014
Hoe beïnvloeden brein scans maatschappelijke vragen en
ons zelfbeeld?
PUBLIEK DIALOOG 3 Juli 2014, 20.00 uur – De Nieuwe Liefde
– Amsterdam

mei 2014 Grafisch werk in de tweede kamer Staten Generaal
Monika Auch news

march 2014
Speaker at Art of Neuroscience, KNAW, Amsterdam

februari 2014
Key-note speaker at Falmouth University Arts for Health
craft praxis, health and wellbeing,

januari 2014
First show of STITCH_YOUR_BRAIN in Muiden,
Municipal Hall
stitched brains of local artists.

november 2013
STITCH_YOUR_BRAIN in Amsterdam, Graphic Art Make a move

september 2013
STITCH_YOUR_BRAIN in Dundee, Scotland
The project was launched at IMPACT 8
the international printmaking conference in september 2013.

workshops - Brainstitching around the world!

Italy • Scotland • The Netherlands • New Zealand • Great Britain •
USA • Germany • Australia ...
Join us wherever you are!

This project has been supported with two grants from the Dutch
Stokroos Foundation.

Bloomsbury Publishing
joined us as a sponsor in april 2014.