This one went viral. It was featured in the NY Times online, Fuji TV Japan (broadcast), the Huffington Post,, and many others.

This next one was made with dating tapes I found on youtube.

This one features Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. We found them bowling late at night in Las Vegas.

I made this one for my friend, Goodword. I have produced a ton of his music here in the Bay Area.

This next one is a mockumentary of a birthday party in San Francisco.

My friend Adam and I made this song one day. A few days later he mentioned that we should make a music video for it. Well, a few days later we did just that. I hear it's a big hit with my 2 year old cousin!

This is my girlfriend's sister, Maggie Mckenna showing her skills... earning herself a 6th degree black belt !