RERUNNER is Kevin Shea Adams and Stian Rasmussen. Our web site is located here. We just finished a new EP entitled "On Three..." that is available now through itunes, amazon, and other popular digital outlets. You can listen to the EP below.


Rainbow Climber by RERUNNER


Last Day by RERUNNER

The songs listed below are off of the album "Metropical" which was composed during the month of February as a contribution to the RPM challenge.

record sails by RERUNNER

the hurricane connection by RERUNNER

This next widget contains our submission to Radiohead's remix contest. We Placed 20th out of 1664 entries.

Below are some clips of us performing live at the Luggage Store Gallery for NEXMAP and the SFIAF in 2009

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The song below, Energique, was composed in 2004 and served to define our sound
Energique by RERUNNER