Arduino Projects
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wood, spray paint, LED light strip, infrared sensors, Arduino
7" x 12"
April 2013

This interactive wall piece utilizes an Arduino circuit board, an LED light strip, and three infrared sensors. I programmed the Arduino to read the values of each of the infrared sensors as three different colors: red, green, and blue. The closer you are to a certain sensor, the brighter that color will be. When a person or many people are in front of several sensors, the colors will begin to mix according to the distance they are away from the sensors and chase throughout the length of the LED strip. Mixing red with green creates yellow, green with blue creates a blue-green, red with blue creates purple, and when all sensors are reading the same amount, it will show as white.

The inspiration behind this piece derives from technology's heavy influence on the way we perceive the world. We are incredibly consumed by our smart phones and tablets and often immerse ourselves into the online world and find it hard to live without it. "Move," while powered by technology, makes the viewer more conscious of the surrounding area while moving around and in front of the sensors trying to mix interesting colors.