A mobile application focused on the memorabilia of Park Hyatt Milan's experience. The guest is triggered to capture moments of his journey which finally become part of an augmented travel journal. Memories remained linked to their location and will be displayed on a future visit based on context awareness.

Domus Academy + Park Hyatt Milan.
Teammates: Sergio Serrano, Daniel Türk, Tanya Khosla, Tapana Choochartpong.

Role: Ideation and Concept Development, Information Architecture, UX / UI Design, Wireframing, Paper Prototyping, Interaction flow.


Give more visibility to services offered by Park Hyatt Milano through the advantages of a mobile application.


In an interview with the General Manager of the hotel he said, “We don’t sell beds, we sell dreams, and when the dreams come true they become memories”. We use this vision as a pointer for our concept.

For this project I worked close with the Master in Service Design. After observation and analysis of the user, we identified 3 key moments in which our application would be relevant: pre-travel, travel, post-travel.

After brainstorming initial ideas for the app, I worked on the information architecture, wireframing and paper prototyping for defining the user experience, followed by UI Design.

The Pre-traveling Experience

Let the user explore, organize, highlight and store future services and activities that he would desire to experience during his stay.

The Travel Experience

The guest easily find activities previously highlighted, discover new ones based on location, and is triggered to capture the moment.

The Post-travel

The user can relieve memories of his trip. Based on the content selected from HyLight app, the guest would receive after his departure an exclusive printed album with the ability of being augmented with multimedia content using the mobile application.