Worked with Garnier in 2014-2015 on their social presence and on many photo shoots to get that good clean feeling across.

essie is the color authority when it comes to nails y'all. I worked with them for a year and doubled their social engagement with the help of our awesome team.

Working with L’Oréal Paris has taught me many things, and entirely changed how I treat my hair, skin, and nails (in the name of research!). When I harnessed the power of "Because you're worth it", things really started to get interesting. Example? Well, now I'm addicted to YouTube beauty bloggers, and I'll pretty much do whatever Korean skincare masters say.

Let my people stream!

I got the very cool chance to help the Netflix social media team come up with some fun lines for their Facebook & Twitter page. Each week a handful of new movies are added to the Netflix platform and it's up to Facebook and Twitter to let people know which ones to get excited about. Haven't seen Zoolander in 10 years? Well here's your chance.

In 2013 I helped polish up AARP's newest rediscovery tool: Life Reimagined. It's an inspiring new website that helps individuals (even me) figure out what really matters to them personally, no judgement. It's a simple and smart approach that helps anyone at any age. So, go ahead, click away and see what some of the activities have to say about you.

One of my favorite Life Reimagined stories, this guy makes some seriously good pizza.
Hungry? Well you will be in a second after you've checked out some of my delicious copy for the McCormick Facebook Page!

Prince Quest is an original video game designed by Rachel Tervenski, with fantastical storyline written by me. It all starts when Princess Gwendolyn sets out on a journey to find her true love. In her realm, many are blessed with specific powers, hers being flight. There are many perils along the way for Gwendolyn, but with the user's help, she can navigate her way safely into the arms of her beloved Prince.

Surprise surprise, I'm not only a copywriter, but a certified cheesemonger with over 5 years of knowledge under my belt. I started this business as a monthly cheese subscription service that brings cheese right to your doorstep. I've since had to put that business on hold, but I still do seasonal cheese tastings at supper clubs, wine stores, and companies across NYC.

Uncommongoods is an online marketplace based in Brooklyn, for those that think outside of the box for gift giving. The company goes out of their way to find fresh and creative products to add to their website. That being said, they can have a lot of fun with their copy.